WTF Is This Shit?!?


I really like Dancougar, but what the fuck happened here:

Normal Dancougar character models compared to the ones near the end of episode 11

Fill in the blank with the correct choice

Near the end of episode eleven of Super Beast Machine God Dancougar, animation director Masami Obari was __________ .

(a) asleep

(b) drunk

(c) just not giving a shit

(d) all of the above

Again, really dig the show, but that shit was just jarring.

WTF Is This Shit?!?

13 thoughts on “WTF Is This Shit?!?

    1. The eyes are all different, and they are making these goofy expressions. I should have indicated as well that they’re drawn in -another- different and strange style in a group shot a moment before.

      Would there be a different animation director for the final minute or two of an episode? Apart from these, everybody is drawn A-OK.

      1. Ah, that must be a new/guest animator then. It’s not uncommon for them to play around with styles during that period (even at the expense of quality).

            1. It’s on my to-watch list, as I’m a big Satoshi Kon fan.

              I’m not necessarily opposed to changing art/animation styles on the fly, as long as the standard of quality remains consistent or the changes reflects some artistic choice. Dancougar just shit the bed at the end of this episode, basically.

  1. They did a similar thing in The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye. There are two or three episodes where the characters’ noses are drawn shorter and a few other changes are made–perhaps to make them look more Japanese or something? But, it’s only effects are to annoy the viewer and make the characters’ faces blander and more stupid looking.

      1. I’m happy that they did. I’m a huge fan of the post-apocalyptic genre. The episodes were pretty unique, and the characters downright lovable. And the fight between the AI tank and the AI helicopter is priceless.

        How can one not love a story about a girl who’s a gun nut and carries a samurai sword and Model 1911 to work?

        1. I did not even know that existed, MO. It is from my own personal “anime dark ages.” That is, from about 2005-2008 I was completely out of the fandom, so I’ve missed a lot of lower profile titles from that time.

          1. You might enjoy The Third. It can get a bit slow at times, but it has a great ambiance and the characters are all very likable. And that battle between the tank and the attack helicopter is unforgettable.

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