Lag Seeing from Tegami Bacchi Letter Bee

According to WordPress’s analytics, we have over two dozen followers and  typically get between 15-20 visitors a day, plus more when we actually publish a post.  Are all but four of them bots?  Probably.  Still, we thought that it would be cool to do a mailbag post every once in a while.

So, spambots readers, we’re calling on you.  Send us your questions via email, twitter, MAL or in the comments below.  Ask us anything anime-related.  We’ll answer questions about the hypothetical, the concrete, our favorites, our least-favorites, the philosophical, the mundane, and anything in-between.  After we get enough questions to compose a post, we’ll do one; however, just because you don’t see your question in a mailbag post does not mean it won’t ever get answered on the blog.  Hopefully, we’ll have a nice backlog of questions to turn to when the creative well is running dry.

This is your chance to show us that there are actually people reading this blog.  And, who knows, maybe Bonen no Maxd will also respond to the questions?


4 thoughts on “Mailbag?

  1. What’s the oldest anime you’ve ever watched? How did you like it and how does it compare to more modern anime?

    In my case, I’ve seen Kumo to Tulip (1943). A very interesting black and white animation. Much more like Disney than today’s shows and apparently the only non-propaganda video produced during the war.

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