Twelve Days of Anime Part 11: Favorite OPs/EDs of 2013 10 – 6

I was originally going to use parts eleven and twelve to write about the worst (Ninja Resurrection) and best (Turn A Gundam) anime I saw this year.  But, it is just painful to recall the former, and it has been so long since I watched the latter that I’m not sure what I would write about it.  So, I chose to do something much more fun for me, namely highlight my favorite OPs and EDs that I saw this year.  I’m not requiring that these be from shows produced in 2013; I simply have to have seen them for the first time this year.

Disclaimer: these selections do not necessarily represent how I feel about the actual shows to which these OPs/EDs belong.

Without further ado, numbers six through ten!

10: Dirty Pair Project Eden OP

Key Animation: Koji Morimoto

Song: “Safari Eyes (サファリアイズ-Safari Eyes)” by Miki Matsubara

One of the most fun experience I had this year with anime was watching Dirty Pair: Project Eden.  Its OP is a little bit of a departure from the feature in terms of its designs and overall color palette.  What animation, though!  Koji Morimoto works his magic to produce a very fluid very sensual piece.  The trashy 80s guitar of Matsubara’s “Safari Eyes” completes the aesthetic.

9. Overman King Gainer OP

Key Animation: Kenichi Yoshida

Song: “King Gainer Over!” by Yoshiki Fukuyama

I had to put this on here because it is just so bizarre.  I mean, we’ve got Fukuyama’s amazing, genre-appropriate screaming, figure skating through space, and everyone, including the robots, doing the monkey.  At the end, the show actually explains the cultural origins of the monkey, lest you think characters are just randomly doing it in the opening.  This OP never stopped being fun, something which the show itself did not quite manage.

8. Code Geass OP 1

Director: Rion Kujo

Song: “COLORS” by FLOW

This January, I took the plunge and watched Code Geass.  Though it was certainly no masterpiece, the show wasn’t nearly as bad as I had heard!  It had a lot of good OP and ED songs, but I found myself listenign to “COLORS” the most.  The OP features the awesome Knightmare Frames doing cool things, but I think my favorite part is 1:14 when Lelouch is randomly riding a horse.  Why?

7. Uchoten Kazoku OP

Design: Hideaki Horie

Song: “Uchouten Jinsei (有頂天人生)” by milktub

WONDERFUL DAILY LIFE.  From music to presentation, this OP is brimming with energy and enthusiasm.  Hideaki Horie’s appealing visual design features interesting use of still character images, text and colorful backgrounds.  He spins and swirls them together to make this totally unique and fun little pastiche.  Plus, who get ever forget the first time they saw 0:56?

6. Sword Art Online OP 1

Director: Tomohiko ITO

Song: “crossing field” by LiSA

I’ll admit, this selection is mainly about the song (though Asuna running up a giant sword, leaping into the sky, and slashing a monster doesn’t hurt either).  From 0:46 on, espeically the talky “Donna fuan matotte mo furiharatte iku” bit, this OP manages to get me pumped to watch SAO.  LiSA’s singing is just so catchy, and put that together with peeps with swords cuttin’ up bad guys, and, well, you’ve made me happy.

Stay tuned for numbers five through one tomorrow!

Twelve Days of Anime Part 11: Favorite OPs/EDs of 2013 10 – 6

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