Twelve Days of Anime 2015 Part 5: AniTwitter Necromancy

sgWhen Symphogear first aired in 2012, I haaaated it.  I mean, I thought the first episode was cool, but by episode four, I was out.  No thanks.  Then, a funny thing happened earlier this year.  AniTwitter brought Symphogear back from the dead.

sg2I have not seen a phenomenon on Twitter like I witnessed with the Symphogear revival.  Series diehards continued to beat their drum, talking up the show as this crazy, over-the-top action show but with cute girls in power suits, singing.  I had seen it, so I knew it could be cool at times, but I had seen it descend into meh.   I wasn’t moved by the fans.

Then, prominent anime personalities began watching the franchise from the beginning.  All of a sudden, Mike Toole, Dave and Jeff of Colony Drop, Nick Creamer and other leading lights of our community began tweeting about this series.  And they were enjoying it…to varying degrees, but enjoying it nonetheless.  Maybe I was missing something?

So, I gave it another shot. And it was awesome!  I do not remember why I originally dropped the show, but I’m really happy AniTwitter kept pushing it because otherwise I’d have missed out on a very stylish, nutty thing that oozes good Shoji Kawamori (as opposed to bad Shoji Kawamori).  I totally recommend Symphogear to fans of shows like GaoGaiGar or Diebuster…and certainly to AKB0048 lovers; however, that’s not the actual point of this post.  The reason for this post is to say, “Thanks, AniTwitter!” Your persistence payed off.

Maybe next year, give that show a chance that your friends keep begging you to try out.  You might be very glad you did!

Twelve Days of Anime 2015 Part 5: AniTwitter Necromancy

6 thoughts on “Twelve Days of Anime 2015 Part 5: AniTwitter Necromancy

  1. I will admit I am not a fan of season one. I did enjoy season two a bit more. I think it was how they went about handling and dealing with character development. By season three all the characters had their potential and they could go all out. Season one was not the greatest, in rewatching it when season three was airing I actually dropped it.despite wanting to continue with it to refresh myself of two years ago.

    1. I’m surprised you stuck with the franchise after disliking the first season. It might actually be my favorite. Tsubasa is my favorite wielder, and she gets a lot of time to shine there. Plus I think that the story stringing together the action scenes (what really matters in this show) is their best attempt at one, and also the one with the most in-universe implications. The battles are admittedly animated less fluidly than proceeding seasons, but they aren’t poorly done either.

      1. Yeah, when I first watched it I enjoyed it to some extent. But I just really liked season 3 a lot more. There are problems with it. But I view this as being a lot better than other original series with multiple seasons where it just gets worse over time.

          1. I really hated them, but it really brought out more of their past and added to their characters. It was sort of in a way dealing with redemption when it comes to their parents in a sense and explains more about their past that was not really covered. So, I thought it was a nice touch. Could they have gone the season without doing that part, yes, but it just added a little more which made it interesting in terms of slight drama for something that is all action.

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