Why Am I Watching This, Again?


You’d think with a title like that, Gifu Dodo would appeal to somebody.  Yet, beyond the cursory blurbs in comprehensive season preview guides, I haven’t really seen anyone writing about this show.  I can only assume that nobody’s really watching.

And, honestly, I can’t blame you.  To be frank, I don’t exactly know why I tune in every Tuesday.  Hell, I’m not even sure I could provide a decent definition of the series, let alone rattle off reasons for the previously-uninterested to watch.  I originally came for the Tetsuo Hara character designs, but that’s certainly not why I’ve stayed thus far or why I’ll likely stick with the Dazzling Sengoku Period Story.

Below, I try to get my thoughts in order and formulate some kind of statement about what exactly this show is.  This is much more of an explanation (rationalization?) for my own benefit rather than a plea for others to watch GD.  The true reason for this post, however, is to find out if anyone else (besides Charles Dunbar) is watching this series.

Suggested Soundtrack for Reading – Scorpions “Can’t Explain”

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Why Am I Watching This, Again?