Metadata Explained

Library in 5 Centimeters Per Second

The rayout classification system may not be intuitive to some readers, so we thought we’d devote a small section of the blog to explaining our metadata schema.

Broadly speaking, post categories are meant to be a more general level of classification, while post tags are meant to cite very specific items.  The categories of a post may tell the reader the goal(s) style, or methodology of the post or what anime genre(s) or big umbrella franchise(s) the post covers.  The tags of a post may tell the reader which particular anime series/movie(s) or characters the post is about, memorable moments, quotes or sentiments from a particular series, creative staff from the anime the post is about, or other specific items related to the anime referenced in the post.

We hope this little bit of fine print has been helpful.  Contact us with any suggestions on how to improve or expand our metadata schema.

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