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rayout Post Series

Sheryl Nome concert with Ranka in the crowd and Alto flying. This is from the Macross Frontier TV series.

This page is an index of thematically or formally connected series of posts.  If a series is complete, there will be an appropriate note next to its title, and, if there’s no note, assume the series is ongoing.


I will post links to podcasts in which I or Max appear as a guest.  I will also type up my own shownotes with timecodes, mostly for the purposes of explaining references, elaborating on points or being dumb.

The Otaku Memory Box

This is a place for showcasing indelible “snapshots” of anime.  Strictly for gushing and enthusiasm, you won’t find the typical degree of analysis here.  We just pull a snapshot out of the memory box and say, “Remember that?  That was awesome!”


Send us some feedback in the form of questions or comments, and we will publish our answers in post-length form.

Twelve Days of Anime– /2013/

Every December, rayout will participate in the aniblog tradition of providing a post a day for the twelve days leading up to and including Christmas Day.  Each of the posts is meant to highlight a worthy anime moment of the calendar year.

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