The Otaku Memory Box: Seizon Senryaku

Himari Takakura, Crystal Princess, Seizon Senryaku, Mawaru Penguindrum

<<–Previously on The Otaku Memory Box

Welcome to Rock ‘n’ Roll Night.  Welcome to Rock ‘n’ Roll Fight.  I’m just a rock ‘n’ roll man.  We’re just a rock ‘n’ roll band.

We are met with these delightfully cheesy song lyrics each time Himari Takakura utters the magic words.  Each time, we are transported by rocket-train to an alternate dimension of motion, the color pink, and a princess descending a staircase.  Every single time we are told we will never amount to anything.  It’s all part of the Survival Strategy.

But, let’s narrow our focus from each time to the first time.


Suggested Soundtrack for Reading – Chromeo “My Girl is Calling Me”

Himari Takakura, Crystal Princess, Seizon Senryaku, Mawaru Penguindrum

Today is Himari Day.  We eat what she wants to eat, play what she wants to play, go where she wants to go.  It’s Himari Day not because we’re happy but because we want to pretend to be happy in order to forget what we cannot forget, that Himari is going to die soon.  We beg the doctors to save her, but they are not gods.  All we can do is try to make her last says comfortable.  Himari loves sea creatures.  Penguins, sea horses, and especially otters.  On Himari Day, we take her to the aquarium.

Today is Himari Day.  She smiles.  She laughs.  We bought her a penguin hat, but while we had our back turned, she died.  Himari died.  Why?  We hate it.  We hate each other.  We hate the doctors.  We hate God.

Suddenly, a miracle happens.  Himari sits up.  She sits up.  She talks to our dumbstruck faces, saying something we don’t understand.  She is wearing the penguin hat.  It slips off of her head, and she seems to fully wake up.  We embrace her, weeping.  Thank God she is alive.  Thank God.

Tomorrow is Himari Day too.  She’s alive after all.  We eat what she wants to eat, do what she wants to do.  It’s Himari Day (again), but this time it’s because we’re happy.  Throughout the day, all we can think about is getting back home to her.  When we do arrive at home, she’s wearing the hat.  “Seizon Senryaku!”

We hear the song, and we are in that place.  Our hands are bound.  This girl is not Himari.  She has come from the destination of our fate to demand that we find it for her.  We have to obtain the Penguindrum.  Before we can ask what or why, we are abruptly sent out from the place.  With those words, Seizon Senryaku, the strangest, most intense and most vital journey of all of ours lives begins.

Today is Himari Day.   Seizon Senryaku Shimashou Ka.

The Otaku Memory Box: Seizon Senryaku

7 thoughts on “The Otaku Memory Box: Seizon Senryaku

    1. Thanks for reading, SparkNorkx!

      When you publish a text, it really is in the audience’s hands. It actually didn’t occur to me that anyone would laugh out loud at this post, but I’m all for dat hermeneutic freedom, baby!

  1. This made me simultaneously laugh, go d’awwww, and cry a little bit on the inside. BRING BACK ALL MY PENGUINDRUM FEELS WHY DON’T YOU

    Great post, though. Love seeing a bit of variety in the writing here and there.

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