eurekaDear Readers, I have an announcement to make.  First, put your tissues away!  I’m not hanging up my aniblogging pen or closing the blog.  No worries, there.  In fact, you will be seeing quite a bit of content from me; however, most of it won’t be on rayout.

I have been asked to serve as a writing contributor and media creator at Wave Motion Cannon.  This is a great honor for me, as I will be working alongside a team of pretty talented people.  I’ve already posted my Anime of the Year thoughts, and I’ve got several things coming down the pike that I’m sure rayout readers will find enjoyable.

Perhaps the thing I’m most proud of doing over at WMC is hosting a podcast along with a couple of friends.  Warui Deshou is a personality-driven, anime discussion/analysis show.  The first episode is a sort of get-to-know-us thing, with episodes focused on a single anime following thereafter.  I hope you guys have as much fun listening as I do making these.

Let me reiterate: rayout isn’t going away.  Not everything I produce will fit at WMC.  Although updates won’t be as frequent (ha!) as they have been during my peak writing periods, I will still put stuff here.

Thanks so much for reading.


6 thoughts on “Ch-ch-changes

  1. animecommentary says:

    Wow, congratulations on the honor! It sounds like it’ll be a ball to produce podcasts for WMC. XD Keep being awesome, mate; it definitely paid off here.

  2. Shin-chan says:

    I only discovered you a month or two ago (when searching for Shin Sekai Yori analyses in between college classes), and I’ve really enjoyed your work so far. I’m sure I’ll continue to enjoy you content over on WMC.

    1. Thanks so much, Shin-chan! Hopefully I can keep entertaining. Should have a piece up next week on quite an old anime film.

      ***EDIT*** Also, the first episode of the podcast is already up at WMC. Please check it out and hopefully it doesn’t strike you as terrible.

  3. Buffaloe says:

    Cool, thanks to your post I discovered a new, promising looking anime blog. I’m also looking forward to listening to your new podcast. While I haven’t listened to the pilot ep. yet seeing new in-debt anime podcasts cropping up is good news anyway. Good luck on your future blogging and podcasting.

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