Podcast: Bakemonogatari Part 1


Josh Dunham was kind enough to allow me to be a guest on episode thirteen of his Senpai Coast to Coast podcast.  We talked at great length (4+ hours to be precise) about Bakemonogatari.  There are spoilers.  Our dive was so deep that the final edit of the show is split into several parts, so look for those in the coming days/weeks.  For now, enjoy this hour of discussion about the first two arcs of the show and maybe read my show notes below.

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Part I Show Notes

0:00:18 – Here is a summation of the major points of Duns Scotus’ thought.

0:00:57 – Disclaimer: I don’t actually hate Doctor Who.  To hate something requires a level of commitment that I am unwilling to invest in that franchise.  I have zero interest in exploring this stuff, and sometimes people assume it has something to do with my screenname.  No.

0:08:00 – Akiyuki Shinbo’s filmography…which I clearly wasn’t familiar enough with.

0:08:14 – The Jexhius post on NeoGaf.

0:09:23 – I Googled the phrase “Mr. Shaft” for fun. Cause I’m dumb.

0:12:36 – Josh is reading from the first Bakemonogatari novel; a fan translation can be found here.

0:14:01 – First Bakemonogatari OP – “staple stable” by Chiwa Saito

0:15:23 – The Persona 4 culture festival in its entirety.

0:16:11 – Here is the iconic scene in question. Possibly the best fall since Spike Spiegel in ’98.

0:17:26 – “That fuckin’ scene”

0:29:39 – What I should have said to describe Oshino Meme was “guru and accomplished rapper.”

0:33:06 – The previous Bakemonogatari post that I reference.

0:36:47 – Kizumonogatari trailer

0:37:02 – “Hyouri” from the Bakemonogatari OST, composed by Satoru Kosaki.

0:38:50 – Josh’s article on Aum Shinrikyo

0:45:01 – “suteki meppou” from the Bakemonogatari OST, composed by Satoru Kosaki.

0:45:58 – Josh reading from the first chapter of Mayoi Snail, fan translation here.

0:47:19 – Second Bakemonogatari OP – “Kaerimichi” by Emiri Katou

0:52:31 – I could not track down wah‘s “Mistakes of Youth” podcast; it appears to be just gone. Here is his new blog. Maybe you can ask him to put up the old episodes?

0:52:48 – TV Tropes article backing up some claims I made about tsundere, specifically the etymology of the term and the evolution of its usage over time.

0:57:09: “I Love You.”


See you all for part II!

Podcast: Bakemonogatari Part 1

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