Podcast: Bakemonogatari Part 2


This is the second part of my guest appearance on the Senpai Coast to Coast podcast, hosted Josh Dunham.  We are talking Bakemonogatari, and in this ninety-ish minutes we cover both the Suruga Monkey and Nadeko Snake arcs.

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Listen to Part 1

Show Notes after the jump


00:02:07 – Josh is reading from Volume 1 of the first Bakemonogatari light novel, fan translation here

00:04:50 – Third Bakemonogtari OP “ambivalent world” by  Miyuki Sawashiro

00:05:11 – Josh’s article on the first five minutes of episode eight.

00:07:21 – If go to this TVTropes page, you Alt+F and type “Vallhalla Combo,” then you will see an explanation of the puns.

00:07:41 – The Monkey’s Paw

00:07:46 – Mothers in this show are just the worst. The fuckin’ worst.

00:10:11 – Straight murdered

00:12:34 – Josh should listen to more Drake

00:16:30 – I couldn’t handle loving someone from afar either, Kanbaru.


00:22:16 – Someone should make a Kanbaru AMV to this song

00:24:07 –Shin’iki” by Satoru Kosaki

00:24:36 – Seriously, mom. What are you even doing?

00:27:37 – “Very colorful, that fight”

00:28:30 – Via TVTropes again

00:35:27 – I wrote some stuff about kindness to everyone as a form of irresponsibility

00:36:22 – Dear God, I hope not.

00:42:56 – Like she just don’t care

00:47:18 – Visual shorthand

00:51:18 – Josh is reading from the fan translation of the second volume of Bakemonogatari

00:52:58 – The fourth and BEST Bakemonogatari OP – “Ren’ai Circulation” by Kana Hanazaw.  “Demo son nanja daaaame!”

00:53:53 – “Her outfit by the way…”

00:56:02 – Josh’s very informative piece on how Jinzo Jizo figures prominently into Nadeko Snake

01:02:49 – It is the TV cut on Crunchy

01:03:51 – It’s a p rad hat

01:04:04 – Nanako wears an OK hat in P4DAN, Josh, but I dunno…I also refuse to acknowledge any positive qualities of that damn game

01:01:10 – I am also not immune to the verbal slips: when I say Nanako is a great hat-wearer, I actually meant another Persona 4 character, Naoto, who is truly an excellent wearer of hats. But, you don’t follow me for factual accuracy.

01:05:00 – Incidentally, according to the Media Development Research Institute Inc. as of 2010 the cost for making an episode was approximately 11,000,000 yen or around $145,000 (2010 exchange rate).

01:08:15 – Hi there Me Mania!

01:14:19 – I want to add that I feel like the female characters in Monogatari are largely in control of their sexuality.  They are sexual beings and are using their sexuality to their advantage when they feel it suits them, which is different from being an object of fanservice.  This being-in-control is not always the case however; the final scenes of Nadeko Snake are one example of that.  Josh and I talk about other possible reasons for these scenes.

01:16:13 – Don’t choose the wrong person to save!


Stayed tuned for part 3!

Podcast: Bakemonogatari Part 2

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