Podcast: Bakemonogatari Part 3

monogataribanner3It’s the third and final part of my guest appearance on Josh Dunham‘s Senpai Coast to Coast podcast.  We finish up our discussion of Bakemonogatari by delving into the Tsubasa Cat arc, paying special attention to the series’ twelfth episode.  I truly enjoyed doing this podcast with Josh.  He was an absolute pleasure to work with, and I hope he’ll have me back in the future.

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Listen to Part 1 | Listen to Part 2

Show Notes after the jump

monopart300:00 – THE hypest podcast intro song on the block.

02:23 – Fifth Bakemonogatari OP “Sugar Sweet Nightmare” by Yui Horie

04:17 – One of those painful expressions.

07:14 – That first time is chronicled in the prequel OAV Nekomonogatari.  I wrote an analysis of Tsubasa’s character directly after viewing Neko.

08:45 – Shinobu’s pretty cool. Ever wanted to make her face an avatar in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare?  No?  J-just asking…

14:48 – AniTwitter is coming for you, Josh.  And they are coming hard.

15:26 – My southern accent is showing. There’s only one syllable in the word “clear.”

18:18 – The fuck is up, indeed.

24:46 – Small slice of this wonderful Bakemonogatari acoustic medley.

26:26 – So, so sensual.

26:36 – Josh explains the beautiful story of Tanabata.

28:20 – Soul to soul

30:53 – How have we not talked about the ahoge before now?

32:29 – Gendo Ikari

33:46 – These conversations are always taking place in empty parking lots.

34:52 – I go into some detail about this here.

41:50 – Josh is referring to the traditional, literary definition of epic, rather than the colloquial use of the term to mean “a work that is (a) amazing and (b) evokes particular feelings from its audience.”

45:01 – Anime Weekend Atlanta!

50:03 – Here is the Votoms piece in question.  Everyone should go watch that show!

50:52 – Episodes 1-12 are on on CrunchyRoll.

Yay!  We did it!  Again, I wanna emphasize how fantastic this experience was for me.  If you’re reading this, Josh, I sincerely appreciate you having me on your excellent podcast.  Recording this gargantuan show with you will live long in the memory.

Thanks for listening and watching, everyone!  Tweet me or ask me if you want to keep talking Monogats.  I’m sure I’ll get around to doing more podcasting about it sooner rather than later.

Podcast: Bakemonogatari Part 3

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